Saturday, May 5, 2012

Need a pet sitter? dog walker? dog trainer?

I'd love to help!

I'm a student at Ringling School of art and Design. I left my flat coated retriever and tuxedo cats at home when I came to Florida for college. To fill that void where my furry best friend used to be, I spend my free time pet sitting for friends and volunteering at the Sarasota Humane Society.

As of this school year my parents are no longer supporting me. To help pay for my tuition, I'm extending my services to pet owners in the Sarasota area who need a pet sitter, dog walker, or dog trainer.

When you're away or need a helping hand I will:
  • Feed your pets, change the litter box, water plants, take in mail, give medications or baths, hang out with your pets and give them lots and lots of love :D
  • Stay over night to keep your pets company.
  • Walk your dogs around the neighborhoods or go play at the dog park on 17th st.
  • Anything else you might need. I'm very flexible :)
I'm also a passionate dog trainer. I use only reward based marker training and I'm a firm believer that dog training should be fun for both the owner and the dog.
  • If you dog is food or toy motivated, I can teach a variety of obedience command and tricks.
  • I can help out with behavior problems and help you develop clearer communication with your dog.
Honestly it feels weird to charge people to do something I love. These tentative rates are open for negotiation and subject to change :)

  • Pet sitting/dog walking: $10-15
  • Over night stay: $40
  • Dog training: negotiable.
  • Meet and greet is free :) So contact me now for a free consultation!

I rarely drive outside of Sarasota, but exceptions can be made for an additional fee, gratuity, or exceptionally cute animals :D

Help a starving student! Reach me at:
(408) 823 3195

Thursday, February 24, 2011

TED talk: Ian Dunbar on dog-friendly dog training

I've always thought of Ian Dunbar as the anti Dog whisper. Both Ian Dunbar and Cesar Millan are iconic figures in the pet dog training arena, neither of their school of dog training philosophy I pay much attention to...till now. Cesar Millan's actions on TV have been appalling. More and more I see pet owners imitating his outdated training methods to mold what I could only assume to be a stressful relationship between the dog and owner. Pet dogs everywhere would be happier with less dominance theory and more lure-reward theory.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My girl Reason :D

I'm such a naggy mother. All day I tell her "pick up you toys!" "finish your water!" "wait for traffic before crossing the street!" I don't know how she doesn't get annoyed by my nagging. I'm just glad that even after being spoiled rotten and nightly attempts by my mom to steal her away, it's always my bed she climbs on at the end of the day.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doodling in my sketchbook

I love drawing German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. They are so fierce!